Creating New Realities …

Where Is Now?

Each one of us is like an island of perception, floating in an ocean of past experiences, memories. 

Unless we consciously question, that which we think we are perceiving, living ‘now’ is a poetic notion, a cognitive illusion. 

An inquiring mind discovers that ‘now’ exists within the constellation of active inquiry, the dawning of inner peace, where confusion suspends and suffering vaporizes in the clear bright light of discovery.

Surrender to Joy …

See the beauty of all the goodness in your life. Feel it’s warmth in your belly. Hear it’s satiated sigh of release. Taste it’s nectar with each sweet thought. Surrender to your joy as it rises to the surface of your life.

Do Love …

Do what you love. Love what you do.

5 Minute Meditation 

Transformational. Empowering. Breath In. Breath Out. 

Fear is not our enemy. 

Our thought about fear is the trickster that distracts us from experiencing our potential, passion and purpose. 

Fear is the doorway to self-empowerment, open it and fly free. 

The Soul Of Success …

Integrity is the fundamental source of self-worth, the soul of success ….

Friends walk alongside us, stand by us and help us to remember that we already have our wings and we know how to fly.

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