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We all have two lives. The life we are living and the unlived life striving to come alive.

What lies between our two worlds, is our daily practice of yielding to a dysfunctional and crippling force within us, our inner resistance, our irrational fear of living true.

The struggle and inevitable suffering that we feel is largely due to the frequency we acquiesce to our resistance. We give in to or go along with our fears without much awareness let alone protest.

We inadvertently up tick our self-loathing, we bury the best version of ourselves and we abandon the life of our dreams. We innocently move along the continuum of life in misery, believing that this is our lot in life. Although our safe, secure and comfortable life choices may be leading us down the road of unhappiness, blah lifelessness, we can at least rationalize the trade off. Right? Yes of course but at what cost?

The antidote? To accept that resistance is and always will be an essential aspect of of our psyche. It helps us to survive in the face of actual life threatening danger. However, we don’t need to yield to it’s misinterpretations and self-sabotage our intentions. We can learn to manage and transform its energy, to leverage our power to proactively thrive and live true.

Self-empowerment is a daily practice that affirms that we are the sovereigns of our life and to rule well is a disciplined thinking skill. 🦋

Comments on: "The Root of Our Unhappiness" (2)

  1. This was one of the most empowering posts! Thank you, thank you… It can be hard to differentiate between the resistance and true inner voice. Like, should I listen to my body that tells me to rest or is that the resistance keeping me away from doing my daily practices that help my mental health? It’s hard to figure it out sometimes.

    • Hi Anne, Brilliant comment. Yes at times it is challenging. Using your example I would question my condition, ‘Why am I tired?’ Once my inner answer emerges, I will ask myself ‘What do I need?’ At times it’s a power nap or a glass of water or a walk … At other times, it could be my resistance which in my world requires thoughtful personal inquiry with the intent to turn the fear around, to keep moving forward. 🦋

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