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Many of us spend December 31st reflecting on our year, cherishing the happy moments, unpacking the challenging experiences, celebrating our wins and grieving our losses.

We meander through our past 364 days taking notes of how it will be different in the upcoming new year.

We start a list on how we will fix our bodies, finances, relationships, work and other aspects of our life that are not quite right or all together wrong.

We contemplate what we will need to stop or start doing so that the flaws will finally be banished, the glorious exalted and the big wins trophied.

Oh what a triumphant year it will be!

Tic Toc, it’s January 1st the new year has begun. Merrily we skip onto our field of dreams, spinning with joy, inhaling rainbows, daisies and unicorns.

Tic Toc, it’s February 15th, six weeks into the new year.

Describe what you are feeling. Successful? Fulfilled? Empowered to keep moving on the right path towards your hearts desire? Stuck in the same old rut? Wanting?

Now ask yourself this one fundamental question that will perpetually inspire you to build your platform for positive outcomes.

WHY? 🦋

Comments on: "WHY?" (8)

  1. DiosRaw said:


  2. So many insights can come from asking ourselves “why?” ~ Happy New Year!

  3. Some spend time reflecting on how they can tactfully tell their friends and relatives how to fix aspects of their lives that are not quite right or all together wrong.

    NOT ME of course. I don’t use tact. Just come out and tell it. 😉
    Happy New Year!

  4. True. That’s the human nature, we decide on doing something on a new year resolution and end up following the previous old schedule after some days of the new year. We don’t do anything new in the new year, it’s just the vibe of the date 31st of December that provokes us to form a new year resolute and end up breaking it on 1st of Jan the next year! (The bitter truth)

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