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Cruelty Is Never Ok …

Cruelty is deliberately causing or wanting to cause another pain or suffering and not being sorry or remorseful about it. Usually, our stance is self-righteous and we feel justified in our harshness.

Gossiping, character assassination, spreading false rumours, humiliating, criticizing, polarizing and ostracizing are a few examples of active cruelty in the workplace and in our personal relationships.

Yes, it’s ok to be angry, upset, frustrated and disappointed but it is never ok to covertly or openly lash out with the intent to hurt another and then be smugly ok about it.

Taking responsibility for our emotions is emotional intelligence. To be emotionally intelligent is a self-empowering discipline worthy of our attention and effort. It is the capacity and practice of being self-aware, self-control, effectively expressing our emotions and being able to interact with others objectively with compassion and empathy. 

Emotional Intelligence is considered to be the bedrock of personal and professional success. 

To learn more about Emotional Intelligence, I highly recommend Daniel Goleman’s book ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

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Assumptions are dangerous, they can destroy relationships, love, joy and all kinds of wonderful possibilities. Never assume! It does not matter how well you know someone, if you’re intuitive or an expert at reading people, you don’t know what is in the heart of another unless they share it with you.
When in doubt, dare to be brave, ask the question.

Trust the Magic …

Trust yourself, as you stand on the threshhold of a new beginning. 

Trust the magical promise of what can be. 

Trust your destiny unfolding as it is meant to. 

What Would Love Do?

The answer you are seeking is inherent in the question, ‘What would love do?’


Stay curious my friends and you will be forever young. Curiosity ignites our whole being into a fervent arousal, pulsating with enthusiasm, passion, and a desire to explore the unknown, to learn and understand something new about someone or something. Today ask yourself, ‘what am I really curious about’ and then dare yourself to satisfy the tingling buzz. Remember, the future belongs to the curious. 

The power of experience and expletives can redirect our story to, ‘she lived happily ever after’.

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