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New Year’s Goals…


Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come.

Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious, and subconscious level. Goals give our life direction.

What would you like to have happen in your life this year? What would you like to do, to accomplish? What good would you like to attract into your life? What particular areas of growth would you like to have happen to you? What blocks, or character defects, would you like to have removed?

What would you like to attain? Little things and big things? Where would you like to go? What would you like to have happen in friendship and love? What would you like to have happen in your family life?

What problems would you like to see solved? What decisions would you like to make? What would you like to happen in your career?

Write it down. Take a piece of paper, a few hours of your time, and write it all down – as an affirmation of you, your life, and your ability to choose. Then let it go.

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.

~ Melody Beattie

The Affirming Voice

Deep at the center of my being,

there is an infinite well of love.

I now allow this love to flow to the surface.

It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness,

my very being, and radiates out from me in all directions

and returns to me multiplied.

The more love I use and give, the more I have to give.

The supply is endless.

The use of love makes me feel good,

it is an expression of my inner joy.

I love myself…therefore,

I take loving care of my body.

I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages,

I lovingly groom it and dress it, and my body lovingly

responds to me with vibrant health and energy.

I love myself…therefore,

I provide for myself

a comfortable home, one that fills

all my needs and is a pleasure to be in.

I fill the rooms with the vibration of love

so that all who enter, myself included,

will feel this love and be nourished by it.

I love myself…therefore,

I work at a job I truly enjoy

doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities,

working with and for people I love and who love me,

and earning a good income.

I love myself…therefore,

I behave and think in a loving

way to all people for I know that that which I give out

returns to me multiplied.

I only attract loving people in my world,

for they are a mirror of what I am.

I love myself…therefore,

I forgive and totally release

the past and all past experiences and I am free.

I love myself…therefore,

I live totally in the now,

experiencing each moment as good and knowing that

my future is bright and joyous and secure,

for I am a beloved child of the Universe

and the Universe lovingly takes care of me

now and forever more.

And so it is.

~ Louise Hay

(You Can Heal Your Life)

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