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Extreme Aliveness …

LS3D--Resistance 2

Resistance is a force of nature … it’s like gravity … pulling at us to hang on to our safe, secure, comfortable life … the core thought that sponsors resistance is ‘I am not good enough’ to be that, to do that, to have that … choosing to push through resistance is one of our most exhilarating experiences in life … it is scary as hell … yet, when say ‘f@*k it’ and push through the pain of resistance … fear … we feel extreme aliveness … when we land on the other side, we are welcomed by our unlived authentic self … our destiny, our Nirvana.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Our Self-Worth is Inherent …


Our self-worth is inherent … it is the bedazzling glow of our authentic self … it cannot be tarnished by the fickle opinions of wounded souls.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Resuscitating Our Lives…


The moment we decide to transcend our ‘I am not enough’ story … we begin to shed our duplicitous shields and journey back  towards our authentic selves …  towards resuscitating our lives.

~ Judit e. Szabo

The Beginning of New Beginnings …


 Appreciative self-discovery burns away the illusions of the false ‘self’ and, like a phoenix, the ‘Authentic Self’ rises from the ashes … the tipping point … the beginning of new beginnings.

~ Judit e. Szabo

A Life Well Lived …


Today is my Birthday …

I feel privileged that I have lived on this earthly plane for 55 years and I am looking forward to another 100 years or more .

As I journey forward, I reflect on my personal philosophy of believing in the power of my truth … My Authentic Self … A Self that is rooted in purpose, driven with passion and empowered to transform all things in life through imagination, vision and the courage to make it so.

To know this is a gift of a life well lived. I am blessed.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Living Amazing …


The first rule for being amazing is to be our true selves, naturally creating amazement and wonder. The personal choice between being like everyone else or being our authentic selves makes all the difference in being and living mediocrity or being and living amazing. Personally, I prefer amazing …

~ Judit e. Szabo

The Gandhi Principles …

LIVING SUCCESS 3D--Top 10 words of wisdom by Gandhi

Our personal principles, based on what we deeply value and what we truly believe in, help us to navigate the peaks and valleys of living a good life … a life that genuinely reflects our authentic Self.

~ Judit e. Szabo

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