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Time To Inhale…


Aurora Borealis, Canada

Photographer: Dave Brosha

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Labour Day Snapshot

File:1900s Toronto LabourDay Parade.jpg

Photo: A Labour Day parade in Toronto, Canada in 1900

The origins of Labour Day date back to April 15, 1872, when the Toronto Trades Assembly organized Canada’s first noteworthy demonstration for workers’ rights. It became the day to campaign for and celebrate workers’ rights through parades and picnics that were organized by trade unions.

Although the original intention of Labour Day continues to be significant for some Canadians, for most, the first Monday in September is a time go to the cottage or enjoy family and friends at backyard barbeques or picnics in the park. Labour Day weekend unofficially marks the end of the summer, usually closing the day with fireworks.

This photo is available from the City of Toronto Archives, listed under the archival citation Fonds 1568, Item 314.

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