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When Life Happens

Life is simple…

🌀 Everything happens for you, not to you.

🌀 Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late.

🌀 You don’t have to like it … it’s just easier if you do.

🌀 Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing ever happened that didn’t need to happen.

🌀 When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time.

If you believed in the above statements, how would you view your challenges differently? 🦋

Trust the Magic

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are. Trust the magic of beginnings. Let’s Go! 🦋

What We Live

Our thoughts create our reality.

We live our lives in accordance to what we believe about ourself, our identity, what we can do and have, as well as, our limitations, what we cannot do and not have.

Our experiences are the offspring of what we believe.

When we transform our beliefs about the essence of ‘self’, our capabilities and limitations, we fundamentally transform our experiences.

Our beliefs are our life, we dream about them, focus on them and live them.

Imagine for a moment that some of your beliefs are wrong, and that you are so much more creative, courageous and powerful than you have allowed yourself to be, how would your life change? What possibilities would you allow yourself to live, to experience? 🦋


When you believe it, mind, body, heart and soul, you will see it, live it. 🦋


Happy New Year My Friends.

If you are contemplating how you will fill up your new year with fresh commitments, adventures and possibilities then you might want to consider what you filter your resolutions through.

The key to successfully fulfilling your New Year Resolutions this year and any year is your crystal clear honesty with yourself.

If your commitment(s) for the up coming year does not electrify your inner sense of being alive, authentic and thriving then wipe it off your list and cleanse your brain of it, because you will not fulfill it, and then you will most likely spiral into a self-loathing, poor me, pity pit that is never fun to climb out of.

Here is a sampling of the 3 intentions I filter my new year resolutions through before I commit to them.

✅ I will do what what energizes my mind, body, heart and soul the most.

✅ Listen to my inner voice, trust my gut and follow through on my intuition.

✅ Do more of what I’m passionate about, that is purpose driven, empowers me to grow and thrive and expands my horizons.

What filters do you use for your resolutions?

Creating New Realities …

When we change our thoughts we change our world, we create a new reality. 🦋

The Unifying Trinity

‘Creating New Realities’ begins with understanding the unifying trinity that underpins our experiences throughout our lifetime. 🦋


If your life was a 10 for you, what three things would be happening? 🦋

Living Our Dreams

The secret to living our dreams is to start living our dreams today. 🦋

Transforming the Visible …

That which is in your outer-world is as that which is in your inner-world. 🦋

Championing Women

We need to champion women.

No woman should be afraid to give voice to her thoughts, beliefs or creative intelligence. Globally, we need an alternative viewpoint and pragmatic solutions for real change.

We need to celebrate women.

No woman should be afraid of being mocked, shamed, or silenced, for raising her voice to influence conversations with her unique perspective and experience.

We need to rejoice in being woman.

No woman should be afraid of being objectified, degraded or dismissed for participating in public dialogue that can positively affect the core issues that we all face.

We need to encourage women.

No woman should be afraid of being delegitimized, for ‘pressing on’ as a leader, leading  the charge to ‘create a new reality’ for humanity, our communities and loved ones.

When women support women, incredible things happen. When women and men come together united, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. 🦋


Creating New Realities …


Many follow … a few lead.

~ Judit e. Szabo

A Beautiful Mind …

LIVING SUCCESS 3D--Beautiful Life

 We create our own reality …

  Judit e. Szabo

Creating New Realities ….


What we believe about ourselves impacts our experiences …our reality. To create a NEW reality we need to think, feel, speak, behave and see ourselves in the same light as that which we desire to experience.

~ Judit e. Szabo

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