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More Gratitude …


Gratitude opens our heart to all that is good and beautiful in our lives.

~ Judit e. Szabo

A Reminder…

533840_10151862683128572_1496823636_nOur thoughts and prayers are with all the men, women and children affected

by the tragic explosion at the Boston Marathon today…

Clouds In The Sky …


It is not necessary to judge thoughts and experiences as good or bad, as desirable or undesirable, profitable or unprofitable.

Let them come and go just as they are, without becoming overly involved, without identifying with anything, neither indulging in them by following after them nor suppressing or inhibiting them.

Simply let all inner and outer things appear and disappear in their own way, just like clouds in the sky, and remain above and beyond it all, even amidst one’s daily activities and responsibilities.

~ Nyoshul Khenpo

Segragated Oneness…

LIVING SUCCESS 3D--segregated_oneness_by_grinagog

The persona… contains in varying proportions, characteristics and tendencies which are currently considered in terms of good and bad, desirable and undesirable.

In trying to improve himself consciously, the individual denies those tendencies which he considers undesirable, and rejects them.

But such rejected tendencies do not really vanish; they remain and accumulate under the surface.

Such suppression is the root cause of many mental disturbances.

The realization of the fact that the unwanted aspects of one’s ego are an integral part of what makes for a supposed individual is the first step towards relief through surrender.

Once there is a basic realization of -and- acceptance of – the oneness of the good and the bad within the individual ego, all that is really needed is letting-go and witnessing of the operation of this realization.

~ Ramesh Balsekar

Artist: Grinagog

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