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Suffering Thoughts

Are you suffering your past or your future in the present? Why? Habit?

What is your story and how can you turn it around?

What can you do to stop the suffering thoughts, to surrender them, to rise up and thrive in your glorious power today? 🦋

Listen To Your Stories

Listen to your stories, they reveal an identity pattern, which reflects who you believe you are.

According to most Jungian psychologists, there are seven feminine archetypes that influence us in our daily lives – the mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the wise woman, the mystic and the lover.

The presence of these archetypes in our psyches account for the major behavioural differences among women.

At the first blush, which archetype(s) do you relate to the most? 🦋


Our Stories …


We live our stories …

~ Judit e. Szabo

Our Stories …


We all have stories about our past or our present.  Some of us have stories of what we are moving towards.  All of these stories are powerful; they define who we are, what we are doing and what experiences we are committed to having. Listen to yourself as you share your stories. Are you happy with what you are creating for yourself?

~ Judit e. Szabo

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