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She is a Witch

A witch is a woman who emerges from deep within herself.

She is a woman who has honestly explored her light and learned to celebrate her darkness.

She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities of her power.

She is a woman who radiates mystery.

She is magnetic.

She is a witch. 🦋

~ Dasha Elliot

Sunday Reflection …


Buddha Quotes

This Very Moment …


This very moment is the perfect teacher.

 ~ Pema Chodron

Every Moment Is The Guru…

Life always gives us

exactly the teacher we need

at every moment.

This includes every mosquito,

every misfortune,

every red light,

every traffic jam,

every obnoxious supervisor (or employee),

every illness, every loss,

every moment of joy or depression,

every addiction,

every piece of garbage,

every breath.

Every moment is the guru.

~ Charlotte Joko Beck

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