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The Jewel of Understanding …

Once upon a time there dwelt an old King in a palace. In
the center of a golden table in the main hall, there shone a
large and magnificent jewel. Each day of the King’s life
the stone sparkled more resplendently.

One day a thief stole the jewel and ran from the palace,
hiding in a forest. As he stared with deep joy at the stone,
to his amazement the image of the King appeared in it.

“I have come to thank you,” said the King. “You have
released me from my attachment to Earth. I thought I was
freed when I acquired the jewel, but then I learned that I
would be released only when I passed it on, with a pure
heart, to another.

“Each day of my life I polished that stone, until finally
this day arrived, when the jewel became so beautiful that
you stole it, and I have passed it on, and I am released.

“The jewel you hold is Understanding. You cannot add to
its beauty by hiding it and hinting that you have it, nor yet
by wearing it with vanity. Its beauty comes of the
consciousness that others have of it. Honor that which
gives it beauty.”

~ Thaddeus Golas

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