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Suffering Thoughts

Are you suffering your past or your future in the present? Why? Habit?

What is your story and how can you turn it around?

What can you do to stop the suffering thoughts, to surrender them, to rise up and thrive in your glorious power today? 🦋

A Divine Spark

When we change our inner world of thoughts and feelings, our newly aligned behaviour begins to effect our outer world and we awaken to what we innately know that ‘yes’ we are a spark of the divine creating the moments of our life. 🦋

Everything Is Going To Be Alright.


Coach Judit

Everything is going to be alright. Intuitively, we know this. We also know that we are strong, powerful and resilient.

Globally, we know that the pandemic will flatten, the dust will settle and we will return to normal, a slightly altered normal but normal nevertheless.

Let us remember…

That cool heads prevail, to discern the facts from the drama. To be informed but to stop news binging. To talk ourselves down from our anxiety by disproving our fear based inner dialogue with actual facts. 

And …

To breath deeply, to reduce our anxiety quickly and naturally.

To journal about our thoughts and feelings with pen and paper.

Review our options.

To think creatively.

Act responsibly, follow the rules laid out by our government and medical officials.

Focus our attention on daily random acts of kindness, ours and others.

Fear is normal, leverage it, get proactive, creative and productive.

Also …

Clean, organize and purge your home, car, office, electronic files ….

Start that creative project you’ve been thinking about.

Learn something new, read watch a documentary or e-learning …

Go for walks in the park. Play with your children. Jog. Meditate. Workout …

Reach out with a helping hand to the vulnerable and frail in your community.

Mend those fences, forgive and make peace.

Watch or listen to comedy! Dance! Listen to nature sounds, meditative music and your favourite bands, musicians.

Engage …

This is our time to govern our thoughts and feelings, open our heart and reach out to others with a helping hand and kindness.

If there was ever a time to have an immersive self-empowerment experience it’s now. Consciously, let us embody our authentic power and move forward with our innate creative power.

You are not alone, we are in this crisis together …

If you have positive, empowering, proactive, or pragmatic thoughts and recommendations to share, please comment below. 🦋

You Are The Decider

Nothing can trigger you except for your own perspective.

Nothing can restrain you except for your unruly imagination.

Nothing can control you except for your own unquestioned beliefs.

You are the source that reacts to people, situations and the world.

You are the decider, determining the quality of your experiences. 🦋

Creating New Realities …

When we change our thoughts we change our world, we create a new reality. 🦋

Carry On or Reimagine?

Wondering why the quality of your life experiences are what they are?

Listen to your thoughts, self-talk, judgments and interpretations.

Feel your feelings.

Witness your reactions, behaviour and deeds.

Without exception everything we feel, do, and experience are the results of our thoughts of whom we believe we are.

Inherently, by design, we are free to choose what we think, what we believe.

We can choose to carry on or we can choose to reimagine. 🦋

The Unifying Trinity

‘Creating New Realities’ begins with understanding the unifying trinity that underpins our experiences throughout our lifetime. 🦋

Thoughts Inspire Our Feelings.

Thoughts inspire feelings. Change your thoughts and you will feel differently. Yes, but you can’t really change your thinking until you are aware of your thoughts and you understand them. 🦋

Tell Yourself A Different Story.

Emotional suffering is a choice, a habit that supports the nonsensical notion, that ‘they’ not you are responsible for what you think and thus what you feel.

No one can force you to think your thoughts nor feel your feelings. You are the author of your suffering.

To stop your self-inflicted suffering, begin with telling yourself a different story. 🦋

Thinkers Thinking Thoughts.

Beautiful thoughts create a beautiful life. Ugly thoughts spawn an ugly life. Yes, it’s that simple because you and only you can think your thoughts. You are the thinker of your thoughts, the creator of your experiences. 🦋

2019 Peace of Mind

Until you love what you think, there’s no peace in your world. 🦋

Control Yourself

Control yourself and you control your universe.

Self-control in the right measure awards us with happiness, peace and freedom.

What are you trying to control? 🦋

Fear Is Not Our Enemy …

Fear is not our enemy.

Our thought about fear is the trickster that distracts us from experiencing our potential, passion and purpose.

Fear is the doorway to self-empowerment, open it and fly free.


Our Stories …


We live our stories …

~ Judit e. Szabo

Think, Feel, Imagine …


Our thoughts, feelings and imagination ‘create our reality’ …

 ~ Judit e. Szabo

Your Thoughts Live ….


Have full reign over your thoughts … they create your experiences.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Clearing Inner Clutter …


When we are re-imagining our life it is important to clear our inner clutter … to let go of all thoughts that do not support our highest vision of our ‘authentic’ self in the here and now.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Blooming Happiness …


A blooming happy life … happy thoughts, happy feelings, happy activities …

~ Judit e. Szabo

Secrets to Abundance …


Abundance starts with our thoughts and flows out into our life through action … so does scarcity … note to self …     think well … do right.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Just Thoughts …


A thought is something that we think of … thinking is a subjective activity of using our minds to experience, create, decide, to visualize the future and safe keep memories … we are the thinkers of our thoughts … our life is ‘just’ a series of interconnected thoughts.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Rewire Your Brain …


To create a new reality for yourself, you will need to rewire your brain with new thoughts … you will need to master your thoughts and direct them towards that which you most desire to experience …

~ Judit e. Szabo

Make ‘It’ So …


If we can enthusiastically imagine ‘doing it’ or ‘having it’ then in all likelihood we will. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviour naturally move towards that which we vividly believe is true. That is the secret. The wonderful mystery of how we make ‘it’ so.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Transform to Transform …


Transform your thoughts to transform your life.

~ Judit e. Szabo

How to Predict Your Future …


Right now with your thoughts, words and deeds you are creating your future.  Is it a future you want to experience?

Yes? Carry on.

No? Stop. Reflect. Create.

~ Judit e. Szabo

Life Is A Reflection …


Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts.

To change the reflection, we must first transform our thoughts of  ‘whom’ we are.

~ Judit e. Szabo


The Colour of Your Soul …


Thoughts devoid of virtue darken our lives while virtuous thoughts illuminate a ‘soul’ worthy journey.

~ Judit e. Szabo


Sunday Reflection …


The Peace Criterion …


There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you.

The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?

~ Peace Pilgrim

Artist: xpurplexhazexchicax

Powerful Thoughts…


If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

~ Peace Pilgrim

Art Credit: Ganga Fondan


The Anatomy Of Your Destiny

Keep your thoughts positive,

because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive,

because your words become your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive,

because your behavior become your habits.

Keep your habits positive,

because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive,

because your values become your destiny.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Appreciative Self-Inquiry:

Are my thoughts, words and deeds in harmony?

Are my habits aligned to my values?

Are my values reflective of my desired destiny?


15 Sure Fire Ways to Stay Stuck, Miserable and Disempowered

According to research we have over 60,000 thoughts per day… positive, negative, empowering, disempowering,  creative, destructive,  expansive, dismissive,  conscious, unconscious …

It is our thoughts that create our reality, shape and texture our day-to-day experiences, and influence the direction and quality of our futures.  Usually our high and low toned  emotions are interconnected to what we are thinking. It is our thoughts that precede what we do and how we to do it or perhaps not do it. Being aware of our thoughts and the effect they have on our lives, our work and our world, is an essential principle for living successfully.

As human beings we are uniquely endowed with a very powerful ability…FREE-WILL which is our inherent capacity to think and chose freely above and beyond external influence or force. Simply stated, we can voluntarily chose or decide what or how to think about ourselves, others, things and experiences. It is our innate free-will which upholds the universal claim that we are ultimately responsible for what we experience.

It is our freedom to chose our thoughts and perspective (and it is not people, situations or circumstances) that ultimately empowers us to move forward, to thrive and grow or to sabotage the quality of our lives, our effectiveness at work and our leadership.

The following is a short yet sure fire list of  ‘How To Stay Stuck, Miserable and Disempowered’ and it is a portrayal of ‘not using’ or ‘misusing’ our free-will.

  • Criticize. Be critical of yourself throughout the day, every day, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to when you fall asleep. Focus on your body, face and overall appearance as well as what you are thinking or not thinking, what you are feeling or not feeling, what you have said or not said, what you have done or not done … Also criticize others in like fashion.
  • Blame. For everything that is wrong or not working in your life, blame absolutely everyone starting with your parents or caregivers.
  • Resent. Forgive no one especially your family. Hold on to your resentments and incessantly think of all the unpleasant experiences you have had and are having since childhood.
  • Guilt. Feel guilty all the time about everything and everyone. Remember to feel guilty about situations and events that you have/had no control over…which is most things.
  • Shame. By incessantly telling yourself and sharing with others “I should have… I could have… I would have…” you can anchor your sense of self in the mire of shame.
  • Complain. Complain all the time to whoever will listen to you such as your family, friends, colleagues, strangers…
  • Judge. Negatively judge everyone, everything and situations. Consistently share your negative judgments with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Avoidance. Avoid your life today by tumbling back and forth on your timeline–reliving days gone by and daydreaming about your future.
  • Self-pity. Feel sorry for yourself, after all you are the victim in your life and there is nothing that you can do about ‘it’.
  • Lie. Intentionally exaggerate, minimize, omit, deny, fabricate… the truth about yourself to yourself and others.
  • Gossip. Spread unsavory malicious stories about people you know and about people you don’t know.
  • Control. Excessively ‘try’ to control everything and everybody with vigilance.
  • Busy! Busy! Busy! Keep hyper-busy so that you can hide from your true self and hide from others.
  • Perfectionism. Perfect your perfectionism to the point of self-paralysis.
  • Worthlessness. Believe that you are not good enough, you are undeserving of all good things and experiences  and that you have little to no value to contribute in your world and the world we all live in.

Appreciative Self-Inquiry:

  1. Who would I be if I consciously exercised my free-will?
  2. What would I be doing differently?
  3. How would my life, work and leadership improve and expand?

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