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The Path to Living Your Success

Transformation really means a change in the way you see the world – and a shift in how you see yourself. It is not simply a change in your point of view, but rather a whole different perception of what is possible. It is the capacity to expand your worldview so that you can appreciate different perspectives, so that you can hold multiple perspectives simultaneously. You are not just moving around from one point of view to another, you are really expanding your awareness to encompass more possibilities.

Transformation implies a change in the sense of self. There’s an inner and outer dimension to it. It requires inner work and an appreciation for how that connects to being in the world, and the outer work of action and service.

Transformation involves multiple dimensions of a person: our self concept, the way in which we relate to other people, how we see the world, and what we feel is worth doing.  Transformation really touches every aspect of our lives and has a lot to do with changing values.

Transformation is multidimensional. It involves the heart, mind, and spirit, and affects behaviour and relationships in the world.

~ Frances Vaughan

Appreciative Self-Inquiry:

If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below then you may be ready to explore transformational coaching and start living your success:

  • My usual approach to personal or professional challenges is ineffective or unproductive.
  • Time and time again I am looping back to the same undesirable experience or result.
  • I’m in the midst of overwhelming personal and/or professional transition.
  • I’m in a toxic personal or professional relationships.
  • I feel stuck and aimless in my life or at work.
  • I’m experiencing mid-life angst, ennui, and dissatisfaction.
  • I desire to create a legacy, to make a difference in the world, to identify and fulfill my life purpose.
  • I am ready to explore new career directions.
  • My performance review is consistently average to poor.
  • My leadership is derailing.


You’re the Portal to Transformation

When most people think of learning they don’t think in terms of having to change themselves. They tend to think of learning as…acquiring ideas, tips, techniques, and so on. Seldom does it occur to them that the problems they are facing are inseparable from who they are or the way they think and interact with other people.

~Robert Hargrove

Appreciative Self-Inquiry:

Think of a situation, problem or issue that you are presently tackling and then answer the following questions:

  • Is my point of view exacerbating the problem that I am facing or is it facilitating resolution?
  • What shift in perspective would lead my thoughts toward a solution?
  • How do I see myself in this situation? Who am I being?
  • Who do I need to ‘be’ to solve the problem…what innate qualities can I draw on?
  • How is my behaviour fostering unfavorable results?
  • What behaviour would encourage a positive outcome?
  • Do I believe I can successfully resolve this issue?
  • Do I reach out to family, friends, colleagues, or experts to assist me with this situation?
  • What are my first three steps towards a resolution?

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