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Own Your Story …

When we own our story, we can share it unapologetically, re-vision it in present time and craft a victorious, heroines ending.

Divinely Anointed …

It is through the process of ‘struggling’ that we are compelled to tap into our potential, to breathe life into our dormant abilities and to do things we never thought possible. Struggling is an opportunity to exercise our courage, to become mentally and emotionally stronger, and most importantly to deepen our trust in ourselves. When a challenge emerges in our lives we need to own it, leap into the fray and move through it the best that we can. Turning away from or giving up in the midst of struggling is a natural response however, we are inherently entitled for more than what desertion could ever offer us, we are divinely anointed to be the victorious heroine or hero of our own story. 

Victorious Heroine …


Most importantly, you are the victorious heroine in your life … not a victim … nor a villain.

~ Judit e. Szabo

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