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blue_butterflyMen and women engage in a Transformational Change Process when a more traditional approach does not have the capacity to assist them with ending their struggle and experiencing a much desired, deeply-rooted and enduring change for the better.

The following are the five focused areas of my transformational change practice with a brief description of the challenges clients tend to bring to the table:

1. Life Transition: Your expected or unexpected life transition has become overwhelming and challenging: mid-life reinvention, divorce, empty-nester, re-locating, emerging new possibilities, illness, marriage, shifting relationships, blending families, parenting, care-taking parents, death of a loved one …  

2. New Career:  You are feeling confused, paralyzed or stuck about your career direction. You believe that your options are limited. You are having difficulty seeing the unique value that you can bring to an organization. You are looking for the elusive ‘something more’. You do not want to make another impulsive career choice …

3. Leadership Effectiveness: You, as a leader, are personally or professionally derailing. You lack authentic presence. You do not have a clear and achievable vision. You are having difficulty with sustaining your focus. Your integrity and accountability is being questioned by others.You have poor interpersonal skills. Your energy and enthusiasm for new projects, your business or organization are waning. You are not ‘walking your talk’. Your self-awareness of how you are affecting your people is low …

4. Enhanced Work Performance: You feel underutilized, unappreciated, micro-managed, or pigeonholed. You are consistently stressed, exhausted and feeling isolated. You tend to be more reactive than proactive at work. You are unhappy, bored or dissatisfied. You lack initiative, passion or commitment for your work …

5. Strategic Business Development: You are ready to establish a strong foundation for your new business idea and you are uncertain of where to start. You are gearing up to grow, expand or improve your existing business and you need strategic business support. You are starting to rethink, realign or redesign your core business model and you need an objective strategic thinking partner …  

Through the transformational change process, clients successfully transform their obstacles and confidently move into new possibilities for their life, career, leadership and business.

When you are ready to explore the Transformational Change Process please contact me through this site.


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